Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigma Beauty!!

Hey Beauties!

How ju Doing?? (In a Wendy Williams Voice) lol
I love when she does that!

(Please Note I wrote this on Saturday 9-11 and Got to Post it today!! I’ll Try for this not to happen again as it is confusing!!)

Hope all of you are having a Wonderful weekend and are enjoying today’s wonderful weather!!
I know I am!

I’m sitting outside of my car watching my husband work on his car and writing this blog post, my 5 year old Fashionista is documenting her surroundings and my little booga butt is trying to eat everything in sight!! Lol

I’m Getting ready to purchase another set of brushes from

I purchased their Travel set in Pink and Must I say it is a beautiful set of brushes!!

They feel like the high end brushes
My only complaints about these brushes are:

  • They are smaller then they look in the pic, I knew they were the traveler size but I expected them to be about an Inch or so longer.
  • Like all Brushes you must clean prior to the first use; the face brushes…especially the large powder brush shed during the washing process. This is normal as it is a dense brush and all dense brushes shed a bit!( So it wasn’t much of a concern!)
  • The Duo Fiber brush shed way more than I expected it to while applying my foundation! (me No Likey) I had to pick off the black colored bristles from my face and when I was done I had finger prints all over my face! So I had to start again! Not Fun…(I tested these brushes at home While the kids were asleep and I was taking my sweet time) Imagine if I was doing my make up on a rush for work and I had t start all over again…I would have been highly upset!!
  • The price for the traveler brush was a bit high!! $54 dollars for a traveler set is a lil bit expensive (But you can say its Kinda worth it!)

Besides this the rest of the Brush set was wonderful!! And I received 2 free gifts with my brush set which was an added bonus!!

I heard that sigma had a wonderful line of cosmetics!! Which I didn’t get a Chance to Purchase,because I am new to Sigma!! However I will be here for their upcoming events…as I was told they will be relaunching their makeup!!

(Woop Woop!! Sign Me up!!)

But anyways Beauties as this day grows older, I grow anxious of running around with my children!!
With Slippers Filled of Sand, and Contagious laughter!!


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