Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me a Millionaire?!?

Hey Beauties,
So as you ladies and gents Know I am On my way to a Career in Makeup!
[at least I'm working on that... really hard]

Now a lot of makeup artists use High end Cosmetics!
(Why wouldn't they? you have to give a customer, the best quality)

I like may others who love this industry, don't have enough money to buy high end cosmetics.
I'm an unemployed mom of 2 Pursuing a Career
and with this Economy my husband has found it hard to keep a job!! He starts in one place and gets laid off 2 months later before becoming a permanent worker!
(But this is Not the Point)

I realized once i start my career, like owning any business I'll invest and my business should pay for its self!

I have found companies that sell good Products From tools to accessories to MAKEUP...
And they are very inexpensive!
One of my favorite places right now is Costal Scents
They Have Great things for very affordable prices
For people like you and me!!
Now we don't have to feel guilty when we Purchase Cosmetics!!

 Check out their site..Browse and sign up for their news letters...they have Special offers and new Items and you'll be the first to know!
I will review some products that i have purchased as well as have on my wishlist for purchase!!
They really are amazing!! Check them out!!

"Who said You had to be a Millionaire to Have access to great quality!!" LOL

Humble as always,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hey My Wonderful People!!
So Our Contest Has Come to an End! (Sigh)
But its okay My Husband and I are thinking about a New one for next Month!!
Thank You ladies For all the responses!!
Our Winner is:


You Must Reply within 24 Hours in a private Youtube Message So we can get your Prize Going!!

Please Be sure to Take a Pic or Make a vid With your Prize so We can Share it with every one!

**Follow My Blog!**

 "Be on the Look out cause You dont know whats around the Corner!!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming to An End!

Hey Guys
Hope All is Dandy!!

Well Guys the Contest Is coming to an End
There is still time to Enter the Contest Giveaway!
Remember you Must be SUBSCRIBED
and You Must comment Below the Vid! Good Luck Ladies....

By the Way I wish I could Give a Prize to all of you!!
You guys are so Lovely!!

Well Come back On Thursday for the Winner announcement!!

Have A lovely Night Ladies and Gentlemen


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day In the City

Hey My Beautiful People

Sorry For the Delay on this Post
So Ive been Busy with the Contest and The kids
[Being that Schools around the Corner]

So I went to The city and Must i say I had FUN
Hadn't Been to the City In so Long I forgot You have to Walk A lot...lol

Our First Stop Was

Must I say You have to Wait an Hour in Line for a cupcake and Do not go with a stroller the Store is really small!
They have 1 Table with 2 Chairs (I think)
We ate At a Park across the Street It was Awesome!!
Next We stopped at

Must I say This Store Smells Great
For Chocoholics Great Store With Variety!
(I stick To my Hershey Bars)
Their Chocolate Tastes Good But Its Strong For my Likings!
It is Pure Chocolate!
We then Stopped At

Omg I had Such a Blast Swatching everything! So did My Lil Model!
She left out of there looking like a clown with all types of colors in her Face!
The Staff was so Helpful and Lenient!!

Omg I have a NAKED Palette in My hands!!
Yes Mi Gente they are sold out and this is Just the Demo!!
(Excuse My Appearance It was one of those Blahh Days!)
Next We got Hungry so We stopped at TGIF
Meet My Mommy every One Pastry Chef Irma!!
And Look At my Hungry Princess In the Back!
We continued on To MAC where we had again a Blast!

(Me and My Munchkins!! My Lil Bro and My Daughter!!)
Then We were Off to INGLOTS

Okaii So i cant say Much About this store because i didn't get to Browse the Store
One Employee made a Negative comment about my kids Being in the store
That I got Upset and Left!! So I have no Positive feeds for this store!! (For Now)

We Had a Blast!! It was Awesome
Again I hadn't Been In NYC in a While!!
(I was Exhausted)

Life Is What You Make of it!

Some Random Pics

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Official Contest Rules!


The Contest Has Begun!!

Im so Excited!!

You Must be Subscribed to My YouTube Channel
You Have to Post a comment as frequently as possible under the Video
(Not on my Channel, Or on Facebook Or Here...It has to be On the Video!!)
I will have a random generator Pick the Winner!
[So the More you post the More your chances of Winning Increase!]
You can Write Random Things!
*No Vulgar Language Nor Negative Language as People of all Ages watch this*

The Contest Ends On Friday August 20 @ Midnight Eastern time!
I will announce the Winner on Saturday On a Blog Titled WINNER!!

The Winner Must Reply By Sunday!
Private Message me!!
You Must Include your Name & Address

When You Recieve the Package Please take a Pic or Video and Send it to Me so I can share a Pic of the WInner and the SoftLips Product here On My Blog!!



Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey Guys!
So this Short Blog Entry is to let you guys know That the Contest will Commence 2morro!!
How exciting!

Remember must be a subscriber to my channel on YouTube!

Watch My review 2morrow!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Contest Information!

Hey Hey Hey
Sorry About My Last Post Guys I was Soo Tired, But Excited to Share the Wonderful News!

SO We are Having Our first Contest/Giveaway!!
We have to Thank SoftLips 
(Click above to see Their wonderful Line of Products!)

So I'm Still working on the Contest and how it's Going to work, I have many Ideas
(The Official Rules will be Posted in about 1 Weeks when the Contest Officially Starts)

Nicole from SoftLips Has agreed to give One lucky Person a SoftLips Natural set
The set Consist of:
3 Glosses
3 Lip Tints
1 Lip Butter
1 Lip Polish

I Will Make a review cause i also will Receive a Set and then the Contest/giveaway will begin!
Again I'm not sure of the official Rules yet, I have to Think about them!!
although 1 Rule is for Sure...You Must Be a Subscriber to My YouTube Channel and Blog!!

Sorry But This Contest is limited to U.S Residents only
Wont Ship to Canada or Puerto Rico

I look Forward to This!! Yay!!

*Dreams Do Come true*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Email

Hey all!!
Sorry For not Posting But my Laptop Was acting up!! so I was "Internet-less" lol

So I received a Very special email from
Robin Leedy and Associates
Their Assistant account Executive
Emailed me to Tell me they were going to send out some products for me to review, On here and my YouTube Channel!!
After many Emails and Searching Finally a company decides to let me try out their product and share it with you guys!
As Much as That Made me Happy What followed in the Email made me jump like a madd woman in my house!!
They are going to sponsor my First Contest!! OMG Yes I'm so happy!!

Tomorrow I am going to post the Company and product for our up coming 1st Contest in 2 or 3 weeks!!

I wanted to share the good news before going to bed, But tomorrow I'm going to Explain in detail Everything and anything you guys wanna know!

Remember Follow me!!
{When One sleeps time Doesn't stand still}
Have a goodnight all Till maƱana!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

NYC here we Come!

New York City
So I'm Originally from NY, So what can be the Big deal about going out there? 
Well The Following:
1. I'm Going to Manhattan (The City) and Must I say I love it!
2. When I say We I mean Mom and I, wow Moms Really coming down to the city with me!!
3. I haven't Been to the City in God Knows how long! and Yes I frequently visit mom in NY but that's the Bronx (big Difference)
Numero 4 I'm going to visit Some Stores!
With this New Journey I have set my self on I'm Heading to Visit Cosmetics stores!!
(Don't think I'm going shopping Per say) But I'll be On the Look out for new things! (who Knows Maybe I do Buy one or two things...LOL)
But that is not my Goal!!(For tomorrow) more like My Goal For my next Visit!
Ive Been to Sephora but I'm Dying to Visit INGLOT (weird name) But i heard they Have a fabulous Collection
As a matter of fact Below is a vid My GURU IDOL KOREN took Of the Store!

(Permission Pending On this Vid! If its Removed Owner did not Authorize it Use)
Im So excited! Cant wait!

[[Journey: The act Of traveling From One Place to Another]]
Im On a Journey From One point In life to Another Even Grater Point!
On the True Definition Of Journey I know that my hopes and Dreams will take me from One End Of the World to the Next!

Have a Pleasant Day all!!

Package Delivery

Good Morning all!!
Hope everyone Reading is Doing Fine!!
((If you are reading, Please Follow -->>))

When looking for an Item Out an About, it can Be a little Frustrating isn't it?
So We tend to use our best resource when we have come up with nothing and That is the Internet!!

We Google the Item we are searching for and (Wallah) Its there!
and might I add Its Cheap!! Bonus!!

Check Out Yes
Now here's where i stumble...
Shipping Desired!? The faster you want it the more you have to pay!!
But with this Economy I opt out for the Snail Mail
Now I'm Waiting
I stay home waiting....and waiting some more!!

So i don't have a tracking Number because Its the Cheapest Shipping (Try saying that 3 Times...FAST lol)
 I'm Not sure when its going to come!! SO i just give up after waiting 8 Days and nothing I decide to Go on with life and....I don't know go SHOPPING...

When I come home Guess what i find?
The Most horrible Finger Pointing (in Writing)

"We attempted to Deliver but YOU weren't Home, We will retry tomorrow"


Now If i was desperate yesterday for my Package today I'm even more desperate knowing its around the corner and i cant do nothing cause the Mail Carrier office is closed!!

Oh Well I guess its Like they Say Patience is a virtue!!

Till My Next Post!!
Have a Wonderful (Non Stressing) Day...lol

-MIzzJeni <3

Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Vlog!

Yes!!! I have Posted my first Vlog!! (Yes I said VLOG) For those who don't know what that is, It's a
Video Blog!
SO now You guys can follow me on YouTube when i review Products, I'm so excited!!
I'm Feeling so productive and must i say its a wonderful feeling!!

[[To my Defense I am so Nervous in this Video! Aqqqhhh]]

So I'm going to be reviewing products on YouTube so Remember to subscribe! Most contest Give aways will have to do with my YouTube and you must be a subscriber!

OMG so let me tell you about the making of this first video, as Soon as Alexavier Fell asleep
I decided to start recording!
I took 2 Hours no Lie to get this video on its way! and about 20 cuts off it!!
I felt like this vid was going to be 3 hours long and it turned out to be only 5 minutes long.

But I'm so Happy Its out!!
Wanna Know a Secret? I'm afraid of the negative comments I might get!
But at the End of the day I'm not going to allow negativity affect so I guess Ill be Fine!!

I have a few reviews Coming your way so Look out for those!

Remember You shouldn't live On peoples Comments! Whats Most important is Your Happiness and the Ones who Surround you!


About MizzJeni

Well all Once again Welcome!
(I'm so Excited)
Here I wanna Tell you a Bit about Myself!

My name is Jeniffer (yes 2 F's 1 N)
I am 23 Years old
I currently Live in Waterbury CT
But was Born In Puerto Rico!

I am Married to a wonderful Man named Manny!
I am a Happy Mother to 2 Precious Babies!!

Alizea Is My Big Baby or should i say  Big Girl...She is 5 Years Old!!


Alexavier my Newest Baby is 6 Months Old!!
These 2 Angels are a Handful, But i love them So Much!

I am Currently waiting to Start School for Make Up!
I will be attending Brio Academy in CT
On October 25, 2010
(and Must I say I'm so Excited!!)

I decided to Start this Blog at the Beginning of My journey so YOU Guys Can be a Part of my Growing Process!
I hope To Inspire!!
I will Be trying the Whole Vlogging approach (video Blog)
But That will Happen when i Purchase a Video Camera!! :)

I will have Product Reviews, Recommendations! My Favorites and I'll Even have contests!!

Well Now I must Go (I don't want to) But I must, It's late and tomorrows another wonderful day!
GoodNight Every One!!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Introduction To All


 I am SO excited (& Nervous)
This is my First Blog!! YAY

So I've been Wanting to Blog for quite sometime now, But i was so afraid!
I didn't Know How to start and what to do! and then it hit me...
Why Not talk about LIFE, talk about our Daily Life, Dreams and Goals!
Talk About LOVE, Give advice take advice on relationships!
& Ofcourse MAKE UP!
I will love to help you out by reviewing Products for you and Helping you to the Best Of my ability!!

Look For My Next Post To learn about ME in a more personal Level!

Looking Forward to Learning More about You Guys!

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift - that's why they call it the present." - RW Emerson