Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day In the City

Hey My Beautiful People

Sorry For the Delay on this Post
So Ive been Busy with the Contest and The kids
[Being that Schools around the Corner]

So I went to The city and Must i say I had FUN
Hadn't Been to the City In so Long I forgot You have to Walk A

Our First Stop Was

Must I say You have to Wait an Hour in Line for a cupcake and Do not go with a stroller the Store is really small!
They have 1 Table with 2 Chairs (I think)
We ate At a Park across the Street It was Awesome!!
Next We stopped at

Must I say This Store Smells Great
For Chocoholics Great Store With Variety!
(I stick To my Hershey Bars)
Their Chocolate Tastes Good But Its Strong For my Likings!
It is Pure Chocolate!
We then Stopped At

Omg I had Such a Blast Swatching everything! So did My Lil Model!
She left out of there looking like a clown with all types of colors in her Face!
The Staff was so Helpful and Lenient!!

Omg I have a NAKED Palette in My hands!!
Yes Mi Gente they are sold out and this is Just the Demo!!
(Excuse My Appearance It was one of those Blahh Days!)
Next We got Hungry so We stopped at TGIF
Meet My Mommy every One Pastry Chef Irma!!
And Look At my Hungry Princess In the Back!
We continued on To MAC where we had again a Blast!

(Me and My Munchkins!! My Lil Bro and My Daughter!!)
Then We were Off to INGLOTS

Okaii So i cant say Much About this store because i didn't get to Browse the Store
One Employee made a Negative comment about my kids Being in the store
That I got Upset and Left!! So I have no Positive feeds for this store!! (For Now)

We Had a Blast!! It was Awesome
Again I hadn't Been In NYC in a While!!
(I was Exhausted)

Life Is What You Make of it!

Some Random Pics

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