Saturday, August 7, 2010

About MizzJeni

Well all Once again Welcome!
(I'm so Excited)
Here I wanna Tell you a Bit about Myself!

My name is Jeniffer (yes 2 F's 1 N)
I am 23 Years old
I currently Live in Waterbury CT
But was Born In Puerto Rico!

I am Married to a wonderful Man named Manny!
I am a Happy Mother to 2 Precious Babies!!

Alizea Is My Big Baby or should i say  Big Girl...She is 5 Years Old!!


Alexavier my Newest Baby is 6 Months Old!!
These 2 Angels are a Handful, But i love them So Much!

I am Currently waiting to Start School for Make Up!
I will be attending Brio Academy in CT
On October 25, 2010
(and Must I say I'm so Excited!!)

I decided to Start this Blog at the Beginning of My journey so YOU Guys Can be a Part of my Growing Process!
I hope To Inspire!!
I will Be trying the Whole Vlogging approach (video Blog)
But That will Happen when i Purchase a Video Camera!! :)

I will have Product Reviews, Recommendations! My Favorites and I'll Even have contests!!

Well Now I must Go (I don't want to) But I must, It's late and tomorrows another wonderful day!
GoodNight Every One!!


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