Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me a Millionaire?!?

Hey Beauties,
So as you ladies and gents Know I am On my way to a Career in Makeup!
[at least I'm working on that... really hard]

Now a lot of makeup artists use High end Cosmetics!
(Why wouldn't they? you have to give a customer, the best quality)

I like may others who love this industry, don't have enough money to buy high end cosmetics.
I'm an unemployed mom of 2 Pursuing a Career
and with this Economy my husband has found it hard to keep a job!! He starts in one place and gets laid off 2 months later before becoming a permanent worker!
(But this is Not the Point)

I realized once i start my career, like owning any business I'll invest and my business should pay for its self!

I have found companies that sell good Products From tools to accessories to MAKEUP...
And they are very inexpensive!
One of my favorite places right now is Costal Scents
They Have Great things for very affordable prices
For people like you and me!!
Now we don't have to feel guilty when we Purchase Cosmetics!!

 Check out their site..Browse and sign up for their news letters...they have Special offers and new Items and you'll be the first to know!
I will review some products that i have purchased as well as have on my wishlist for purchase!!
They really are amazing!! Check them out!!

"Who said You had to be a Millionaire to Have access to great quality!!" LOL

Humble as always,

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