Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Email

Hey all!!
Sorry For not Posting But my Laptop Was acting up!! so I was "Internet-less" lol

So I received a Very special email from
Robin Leedy and Associates
Their Assistant account Executive
Emailed me to Tell me they were going to send out some products for me to review, On here and my YouTube Channel!!
After many Emails and Searching Finally a company decides to let me try out their product and share it with you guys!
As Much as That Made me Happy What followed in the Email made me jump like a madd woman in my house!!
They are going to sponsor my First Contest!! OMG Yes I'm so happy!!

Tomorrow I am going to post the Company and product for our up coming 1st Contest in 2 or 3 weeks!!

I wanted to share the good news before going to bed, But tomorrow I'm going to Explain in detail Everything and anything you guys wanna know!

Remember Follow me!!
{When One sleeps time Doesn't stand still}
Have a goodnight all Till maƱana!!

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