Monday, August 9, 2010

NYC here we Come!

New York City
So I'm Originally from NY, So what can be the Big deal about going out there? 
Well The Following:
1. I'm Going to Manhattan (The City) and Must I say I love it!
2. When I say We I mean Mom and I, wow Moms Really coming down to the city with me!!
3. I haven't Been to the City in God Knows how long! and Yes I frequently visit mom in NY but that's the Bronx (big Difference)
Numero 4 I'm going to visit Some Stores!
With this New Journey I have set my self on I'm Heading to Visit Cosmetics stores!!
(Don't think I'm going shopping Per say) But I'll be On the Look out for new things! (who Knows Maybe I do Buy one or two things...LOL)
But that is not my Goal!!(For tomorrow) more like My Goal For my next Visit!
Ive Been to Sephora but I'm Dying to Visit INGLOT (weird name) But i heard they Have a fabulous Collection
As a matter of fact Below is a vid My GURU IDOL KOREN took Of the Store!

(Permission Pending On this Vid! If its Removed Owner did not Authorize it Use)
Im So excited! Cant wait!

[[Journey: The act Of traveling From One Place to Another]]
Im On a Journey From One point In life to Another Even Grater Point!
On the True Definition Of Journey I know that my hopes and Dreams will take me from One End Of the World to the Next!

Have a Pleasant Day all!!

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