Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigma Beauty!!

Hey Beauties!

How ju Doing?? (In a Wendy Williams Voice) lol
I love when she does that!

(Please Note I wrote this on Saturday 9-11 and Got to Post it today!! I’ll Try for this not to happen again as it is confusing!!)

Hope all of you are having a Wonderful weekend and are enjoying today’s wonderful weather!!
I know I am!

I’m sitting outside of my car watching my husband work on his car and writing this blog post, my 5 year old Fashionista is documenting her surroundings and my little booga butt is trying to eat everything in sight!! Lol

I’m Getting ready to purchase another set of brushes from

I purchased their Travel set in Pink and Must I say it is a beautiful set of brushes!!

They feel like the high end brushes
My only complaints about these brushes are:

  • They are smaller then they look in the pic, I knew they were the traveler size but I expected them to be about an Inch or so longer.
  • Like all Brushes you must clean prior to the first use; the face brushes…especially the large powder brush shed during the washing process. This is normal as it is a dense brush and all dense brushes shed a bit!( So it wasn’t much of a concern!)
  • The Duo Fiber brush shed way more than I expected it to while applying my foundation! (me No Likey) I had to pick off the black colored bristles from my face and when I was done I had finger prints all over my face! So I had to start again! Not Fun…(I tested these brushes at home While the kids were asleep and I was taking my sweet time) Imagine if I was doing my make up on a rush for work and I had t start all over again…I would have been highly upset!!
  • The price for the traveler brush was a bit high!! $54 dollars for a traveler set is a lil bit expensive (But you can say its Kinda worth it!)

Besides this the rest of the Brush set was wonderful!! And I received 2 free gifts with my brush set which was an added bonus!!

I heard that sigma had a wonderful line of cosmetics!! Which I didn’t get a Chance to Purchase,because I am new to Sigma!! However I will be here for their upcoming events…as I was told they will be relaunching their makeup!!

(Woop Woop!! Sign Me up!!)

But anyways Beauties as this day grows older, I grow anxious of running around with my children!!
With Slippers Filled of Sand, and Contagious laughter!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brushes, Shadows and Blushes... Oh My!!

Hey Bauties!
Hope You Guys Had a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!

So I have Reviews for a couple of New Items I got!! Yay!!
(Brace Yourself this Is a Pretty "Long" Review as I try to go in detail about the Items! and I do it for you Guys and Gals I dont wanna Just say Good Or bad I wanna explain Why thats my opinion)

Hope You Enjoy!

Magenta Deluxe Reptile Brush Set ($39.95):

Ook so these Brushes...
What can I say!?!
They are a Great set For a beginner!
 Someone who has never had any brushes and was a Spongie Type of Gal!! ;-)
There are some Brushes in here that I really Like..
  • The Large Powder Brush: Is a great brush for Brushing off the extra Setting Powder!
  • The Small Powder Brush: Is a Good Brush For a Blush! (You can even use it for Cream Blush It does take a bit of Practice) and if you are like me, your going to get frustrated very easy and Fast!!
  • Foundation Taklon: Its a Good brush For..well..Foundation!! The name says it all!
  • Doe Foot Shadow Brush: No..."Me No Likey" its hard! You cant use it for anything!! Cant Blend cant apply anything with it!! SO I gave it to my 5 year old, she Applies make up to her dolls and they dont seem to complaint so...Hey its great For dolls! (If you have any Use for it, By all means let me know...Im here to Learn)
  • The rest I have no complaints for, They are OK...but Im not Going to keep on as there are many more Brushes...( Dont wanna Bore you Guys explaining One by One by One)
Also Coastal Scents ($21.95)

Mus I say I Love this Palette, So Cute, SO small and Highly Pigmented!!
You will get the best of the Products With the right applicator!
Again Right Brush!! Spongy tips No good!! They stay with most of the Product!! Like One Blogger wrote!!
This Palette is Great It has 12 Matte Vibrant Colors, WHich are awesome for you Vibrant color gals!!
I Love the Matte Part of, Cause Im not a shiny/Sparkly type of girl..
It has a Mirror which comes in handy for seeing more precise, when applying make up on your vanity mirror! Or when applying make up in a Deserted Island!!
(You have to look ur best at all time!! lol)

Moving On...

MAC Cosmetics ($18.50)

Cream Blush?? Horrible!!
You have to sit and Practice, Practice, Practice!!
When I first Put this on, My face got super colored like I put some Melted lipstick on my face and couldnt blend it right!!
I had to wash it off and try again!!
After like 3 washes..Meaning 3 tries or so, I did it!! I finally got it to go on my face right!
Yay...I fell in love with this Product!!
When you know How to apply it right it looks so Flawless!!
REMEMBER you must Put cream Blush Over cream or liquid foundation,
To avoid cackyness!!

I recieved The Pink Travel Sized Brushes from Sigma today!! I will Check them out tommorow when the baby is asleep and If i have time I will write a Review on them!! Just from the looks of them i have a couple of things to say!!

Well Beauties Its Bedtime Gotta Be up In the Morning to deal with my Munchkins!!
Whom Thankfully are sound asleep!! and Allowed me to type this blog Entry!!

"Dont Judge a Book By its Cover!"

Remember these are my Opinions, These products may be of ur likings or your dislikings! and Thats Totally Up to you guys!! We were all given the right to have an Opinion!!
No Has paid me Nor given me anything for these reviews!!
These Products where Purchased by ME!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Im Back!!

Hey Beauties

Ok, Ok, Ok

I've been M.I.A and I Definately missed my Blog!!
OMG I have a Big Review, Which i will be posting tomorrow
I will Be reviewing a MAC Blush, Coastal Scents Palette, Coastal Scents Brush Set
Above all I wanna share a recipe for a Homemade Mixing Medium from my Idol Koren Zanders
I'll be Posting Links and Information About all the Products tomorrow!!

Well my Lil Alexavier is Crawling all over me!!
(Thank God for Spell Check...Cause he typed Some letters in the wrong places!)

 I must go for now!!


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me a Millionaire?!?

Hey Beauties,
So as you ladies and gents Know I am On my way to a Career in Makeup!
[at least I'm working on that... really hard]

Now a lot of makeup artists use High end Cosmetics!
(Why wouldn't they? you have to give a customer, the best quality)

I like may others who love this industry, don't have enough money to buy high end cosmetics.
I'm an unemployed mom of 2 Pursuing a Career
and with this Economy my husband has found it hard to keep a job!! He starts in one place and gets laid off 2 months later before becoming a permanent worker!
(But this is Not the Point)

I realized once i start my career, like owning any business I'll invest and my business should pay for its self!

I have found companies that sell good Products From tools to accessories to MAKEUP...
And they are very inexpensive!
One of my favorite places right now is Costal Scents
They Have Great things for very affordable prices
For people like you and me!!
Now we don't have to feel guilty when we Purchase Cosmetics!!

 Check out their site..Browse and sign up for their news letters...they have Special offers and new Items and you'll be the first to know!
I will review some products that i have purchased as well as have on my wishlist for purchase!!
They really are amazing!! Check them out!!

"Who said You had to be a Millionaire to Have access to great quality!!" LOL

Humble as always,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hey My Wonderful People!!
So Our Contest Has Come to an End! (Sigh)
But its okay My Husband and I are thinking about a New one for next Month!!
Thank You ladies For all the responses!!
Our Winner is:


You Must Reply within 24 Hours in a private Youtube Message So we can get your Prize Going!!

Please Be sure to Take a Pic or Make a vid With your Prize so We can Share it with every one!

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 "Be on the Look out cause You dont know whats around the Corner!!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming to An End!

Hey Guys
Hope All is Dandy!!

Well Guys the Contest Is coming to an End
There is still time to Enter the Contest Giveaway!
Remember you Must be SUBSCRIBED
and You Must comment Below the Vid! Good Luck Ladies....

By the Way I wish I could Give a Prize to all of you!!
You guys are so Lovely!!

Well Come back On Thursday for the Winner announcement!!

Have A lovely Night Ladies and Gentlemen


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day In the City

Hey My Beautiful People

Sorry For the Delay on this Post
So Ive been Busy with the Contest and The kids
[Being that Schools around the Corner]

So I went to The city and Must i say I had FUN
Hadn't Been to the City In so Long I forgot You have to Walk A

Our First Stop Was

Must I say You have to Wait an Hour in Line for a cupcake and Do not go with a stroller the Store is really small!
They have 1 Table with 2 Chairs (I think)
We ate At a Park across the Street It was Awesome!!
Next We stopped at

Must I say This Store Smells Great
For Chocoholics Great Store With Variety!
(I stick To my Hershey Bars)
Their Chocolate Tastes Good But Its Strong For my Likings!
It is Pure Chocolate!
We then Stopped At

Omg I had Such a Blast Swatching everything! So did My Lil Model!
She left out of there looking like a clown with all types of colors in her Face!
The Staff was so Helpful and Lenient!!

Omg I have a NAKED Palette in My hands!!
Yes Mi Gente they are sold out and this is Just the Demo!!
(Excuse My Appearance It was one of those Blahh Days!)
Next We got Hungry so We stopped at TGIF
Meet My Mommy every One Pastry Chef Irma!!
And Look At my Hungry Princess In the Back!
We continued on To MAC where we had again a Blast!

(Me and My Munchkins!! My Lil Bro and My Daughter!!)
Then We were Off to INGLOTS

Okaii So i cant say Much About this store because i didn't get to Browse the Store
One Employee made a Negative comment about my kids Being in the store
That I got Upset and Left!! So I have no Positive feeds for this store!! (For Now)

We Had a Blast!! It was Awesome
Again I hadn't Been In NYC in a While!!
(I was Exhausted)

Life Is What You Make of it!

Some Random Pics