Monday, August 9, 2010

Package Delivery

Good Morning all!!
Hope everyone Reading is Doing Fine!!
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When looking for an Item Out an About, it can Be a little Frustrating isn't it?
So We tend to use our best resource when we have come up with nothing and That is the Internet!!

We Google the Item we are searching for and (Wallah) Its there!
and might I add Its Cheap!! Bonus!!

Check Out Yes
Now here's where i stumble...
Shipping Desired!? The faster you want it the more you have to pay!!
But with this Economy I opt out for the Snail Mail
Now I'm Waiting
I stay home waiting....and waiting some more!!

So i don't have a tracking Number because Its the Cheapest Shipping (Try saying that 3 Times...FAST lol)
 I'm Not sure when its going to come!! SO i just give up after waiting 8 Days and nothing I decide to Go on with life and....I don't know go SHOPPING...

When I come home Guess what i find?
The Most horrible Finger Pointing (in Writing)

"We attempted to Deliver but YOU weren't Home, We will retry tomorrow"


Now If i was desperate yesterday for my Package today I'm even more desperate knowing its around the corner and i cant do nothing cause the Mail Carrier office is closed!!

Oh Well I guess its Like they Say Patience is a virtue!!

Till My Next Post!!
Have a Wonderful (Non Stressing)

-MIzzJeni <3

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