Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Vlog!

Yes!!! I have Posted my first Vlog!! (Yes I said VLOG) For those who don't know what that is, It's a
Video Blog!
SO now You guys can follow me on YouTube when i review Products, I'm so excited!!
I'm Feeling so productive and must i say its a wonderful feeling!!

[[To my Defense I am so Nervous in this Video! Aqqqhhh]]

So I'm going to be reviewing products on YouTube so Remember to subscribe! Most contest Give aways will have to do with my YouTube and you must be a subscriber!

OMG so let me tell you about the making of this first video, as Soon as Alexavier Fell asleep
I decided to start recording!
I took 2 Hours no Lie to get this video on its way! and about 20 cuts off it!!
I felt like this vid was going to be 3 hours long and it turned out to be only 5 minutes long.

But I'm so Happy Its out!!
Wanna Know a Secret? I'm afraid of the negative comments I might get!
But at the End of the day I'm not going to allow negativity affect so I guess Ill be Fine!!

I have a few reviews Coming your way so Look out for those!

Remember You shouldn't live On peoples Comments! Whats Most important is Your Happiness and the Ones who Surround you!


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